Initiated in the year 2000, Krishna engineering is the leading entrepreneur famous for being the top leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high class ETO sterilizers in India. We are an ISI certified organization highly engaged in the fabrication of ETO sterilizers of classified range. We provide superior grade ETO sterilizers. We are expertise in the fabrication of classified range of ETO sterilizers as per consumer preferences. ETO sterilizers by Krishna engineering are equipped with techno-advanced features. Our firm is equipped with modern machines for the high class fabrication of ETO sterilizers. We have employed highly qualified experts who maintain strict supervisions during the fabrications of top class ETO sterilizer. Our experts never compromise in the quality standards. Superior grade ETO sterilizers are the result of stringent supervision complied during construction. Our ETO sterilizers have passed every universal quality checkups up to the industrial norms. It is not just the name but the fame that is prominent among buyers of ETO sterilizers in India as well as several countries surviving across the world. Our firm is equipped with well established infrastructure for the successful fabrication of top grade ETO sterilizers. Our sterilizers are highly recalled in the market due to the service, it provides by removing contaminants present on industrial tools.

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ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

ETO sterilizers are highly utilized in medicinal facilities to sterilize critical items and sometimes semi-critical items that are moisture or heat sensitive and cannot be sterilized by steam sterilization.Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers is taken in control (EO/ETO) for the sterilization of thermo sensitive products that are sensitive to heat and humidity like syringes, catheters, dialysis cartridges, plastic dressings, sutures, etc. ETO is a colorless flammable and explosive gas. There are certain limitations to ETO sterilizers, an increase in gas concentration and temperature may shorten the time necessary for achieving sterilization. They are the perfect method for medical device sterilization. Apart from manufacturing sterilizers, our firm is reliable in the production of all the ancillary equipment in order to offer a complete sterilization unit by ethylene oxide process. They assure low temperature measure that involve ethyl oxide gas to remove contaminants to decrease the presence of infectious agents surviving on tools and equipments used in healthcare facilities. These sterilizers recommended for equipments that cannot withstand the heat of typical autoclave sterilization such as plastic and other relevant.

Benefits of ETO sterilizers by Krishna engineering:

  • Cost effective measure
  • Reliable and efficient in serving their purpose successfully
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Highly efficient in removal of contaminants
  • Longevity of life cycle
  • Extracted with robust construction
  • Highly flexible and easy to maintain
  • Provides optimum performances throughout the life cycle
  • Optimized energy consumption throughout the life
  • Based on PLC based control system
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Why should you buy ETOs from us?

As we are the most trusted and most significant organization involved in the manufacture of quality oriented ETOs for hospitals, medical colleges and ventures where sterilization of equipment is a major concern. Our well managed organization is installed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat- a leading business hub in India. Our prime aim during the fabrication of ETO is consumer satisfaction and enhancing the capacity of Sterilizers to develop consumer faith in our brand. Our aim is to offer valuable clients a classified range of ETO sterilizers as per their demand. Our firm is setup with well established infrastructure with modern machineries to produce techno-advance sterilizers for valuable clients. Our organization is highly efficient to provide sterilizers of various grades all across the globe at minor costs. We are highly prioritized for offering hi-tech equipments that better suits the successful working of the segments they are involved. Our produced sterilizers are effective in serving their purpose and we can customize their shape and size as per the defined industrial requirements of clients. Our wide range of sterilizers involves: bio medical steam sterilizer, continuous steam sterilizers, cylindrical steam sterilizer, food sterilizers fumigation chambers, herbal steam sterilizers, high pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal steam sterilizer, hospital steam sterilizers industrial retort instrument steam sterilizer, medical auto claim Pharma steam sterilizers, and ribbon blender.

Client can avail superior quantities of ETO sterilizers on a large to wherever they are; across the nation. We provide guaranteed assurance for ETOs offered by Krishna engineering works. It is the quality, flexibility and reliability of ETOs which has lead to the top most position among other providers across the nation. Our firm is famous with several names, few of them are; continuous steam sterilizer manufacturer, batch type steam sterilizer manufacturer, exporter of food steam sterilizers, pharmaceutical ETO sterilizer manufacturer India, herbal steam sterilizer manufacturer India, hospital steam sterilizer manufacturer India, hospital steam sterilizer exporter, hospital steam sterilizer supplier India, table top ETO sterilizer manufacturer India, Pharma autoclave manufacturer, Pharma autoclave supplier, Pharma autoclave exporter, and much more.

Clients can contact us anytime we are available 24/7 to provide hassle free service for ETO sterilizers in India. Here, we consider your requirements at heart. It’s our motto to fulfill every single requirement of valuable clients as soon as we can.


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